...With Liberty and Justice For Most

Why do people disagree so?

So against something that even the past seems to repeat itself

as though they are children who haven't learned from their mistakes

they think that it's different because it's not against the same group of people

In truth it's the same thing

They treat the LGBTQ's like they can help who they are like they are nothing but the dirt on the ground

It's just like how they treated people who weren't the same race

OR how the treated people who weren't a certain religion

The government talks of all this "freedom" but I don't see it

I don't see how we are free when so many of us are unable to be happy

And I believe that until LGBTQ are accepted and have the right to marrage in ANY state just like the rest of America

there is no "liberty and Justice for all"

The truth is really freedom for some

The people the goverment and everyone else it so afraid of don't do anything to them

all they want is the same right

sWhat's the worst that could happen?

LGBTQ's are happy and some people are upset

Well I think that if the people who run this land get to be happy then

Why not Everyone??


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