The truth is somewhere,

Out there you see,

Getting to the bottom of things,

Great difficulty.


Relationships, work, scam


Proper scally wags out there,

Looking for your vulnerability.


See it here, see it there,

Even happened to me,

Why people lie,

A complete mystery.


Truth to be told,


Something wrong with people,

Things getting scary.


Cheating, liars, fraudsters too,

Say what they want, creatively,

Why do they do this,

Of course, for money.


Many people,

Self serving,

Get a good team together, takes time,



Anger, sadness, feeling

Emotional stormy,

Want to stamp on these fuckers heads,



In future,

Stick to my own journey,

When joining others, tend to get burnt,



Know that I'm truthful, value driven,

Whole heartedly.

Works towards my goals,


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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