Letting Go

Perhaps you can see,

How perfect you are for me,

Even though you are taken.


You’re one of a kind,

Although to me you are blind,

It is obvious how much you love her.


Unknown to me,

Perfect for him she may be,

Although perhaps I am mistaken.


Time to let go,

You are not my beau,

But oh, what if you were?


The future be whirled,

I’d live in a dream world,

Would that be so bad?


I suppose so,

You’d think of what you had long ago,

And she would think of what she had.


In another time or life,

I may not have this strife,

Nor may I be this sad.


Be happy with her,

You and me… we are just an error

And at another’s expense, I should not be glad.



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