Letting Go

As the days go on and the nights go by
I can’t think of anything else to do,
So I sit here and cry.

Morning comes and as I wake
It hurts more and more with each breath I take.
Searching for a way to face each day,
No matter what I must find a way.

It’s hard to accept things are no longer the same
So much time has gone by,
I can’t help but question; do you still remember my name?

I know we’ve been through bad times,
though I can’t even remember why.
So much has gone wrong,
Does this really mean goodbye?

I have to say, it’s not easy to admit the mistakes
Though I don’t understand,
Why we really had to put our friendship at stake.

We’ve been through so many tears
And I know you tried to keep a straight face
But with losing each other as our biggest fear,
Are there really any ways?

I really love having you around
Is what I want you to know,
But is this fight going to become so bad,
That in the end, I’ll just have to learn to let you go?



This is my poem

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