The Letters or You Make Me Weak.

Let me get them to hold to my heart
And maybe that would give me closure
I swear I'll leave you alone forever
I cant help but ponder on how my mind wanders and wants you to hold her and tell me everything is okay
But I cant do so and it hurts so much
And ive realized the true reason to my anger is my heart
Naive enough for my eyes too fool into seeing love
When my mind thinks of love
When my soul FEELS the connection...
I've dug my grave 20 feet deep and for the past 4 years, 3 times I've wanted to fall in it.
I cannot help but think of the possibilities...
I could not help but cry nightly
I think of the future, body hurting because youre not beside me.
I have finally realized and found and crave full of desire and the one I want to involve in my Queenly empire
Goddamnit all, I HAVE FOUND YOU...alas...
My mind knows it is Taboo
I have to give up what is you.
Can I get it for closure please?
That way I can fall into the grave with ease.



My hands want to give this all away and reveal

Obviously.. i cannot
Obviously, oblivous to the taking
And I cannot do much but watch from the sidelines
I want you, again and again
I need you, forever and ever
But you have made your decisions that cause me to
Lightly kiss the memories away
But not my tears
Which fall right now as I remember my state of confusion.
I would be completely wrong to do this...
If i put this, you have to promise me to 
Not ask me about it until Im ready...
Please? Okay...
Here it goes....

You...make me weak.


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