Letters of L.O.V.E.

Love is a four-letter word

Accompanied by a hashtag before it

And an idyllic image of feet and hands and sun and sand shortly after

Love is a catchy little tune

A genetic je ne sais quoi produced by Pharrell and Phil Spector

A #1 hit with two Grammys, big money, no whammys, and no peers

The declarative imperative parroted by heretics with no fears

And on the day that a swaggering white-toothed sandman plants his seed in your ear

He'll tell you this:

L is licentious and lustful and light

O is oppressive, obsessive outright

V is voracious, vivacious and vague

And E is for me to know and you to forget

He wrote the book on being on the same page

And it's only one sentence:


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Our world
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