Letters from Home


United States
27° 24' 29.4984" N, 82° 31' 45.8652" W

He held the ink stained letter
It came to him from miles away
Hung on to every word written
From the girl that begged him to stay

Nine months had passed since their last goodbyes
A baby boy would enter the world soon
And for now she would be all alone
To stop his tears and lay him down in the afternoon

His heart ached with every thought of home
All the things that waited in woe
The days he was forced to take on battle
And sleepless nights that passed much too slow

In her letters she spoke of her love for him
Her words written like a tome
It kept the feelings all the same
Expect he was a letter away from home



A poem in respect to anyone who is currently deployed in the military

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