Letters are like People


I see these letters floating to a page, 
mixing together, trying to form something 
beautiful. I imagine them being typed 
and each letter running through a subway 
of letters trying to find the right place to go,
trying to find where they belong on the page. 

The world is unknown for them until We type
them onto the page. Each letter has a different
personality, and each letter thinks differently with
another letter by its side. And who knows if they 
want to be on that particular page next to the letter
that they are next to. 

Sometimes their path is chosen by somebody 
else, but perhaps letters have a mind of their own. 
When you accidentally spell a word wrong, that
is really just the letter telling
you that it wants to be friends or more
with another letter, not the letter it is 
"supposed" to be next to. But you will backspace, 
erasing the friendship it wants and putting it 
next to the letter that it doesn't like. 

Life is that way, a little. 
Sometimes the friends you love leave and
the ones you don’t want to stay, stay anyways. 
And often you are told what to do with 
your life, that you are wrong, 
that you are not in the right place.

C and W want to have babies together, but B
tells them that there isn’t any way that they are
meant for each other. B is a bit of a hypocrite
because he loves Z. They have no place together,
either. He wants she but she wants somebody else.
A and Z make it work, humanity will end with love
always being questioned. 


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