A Letter to Younger Brother

Fri, 10/16/2015 - 14:47 -- EddyC

I am writing to let you know that my time has come and gone. 

That like a shooting star I was only visible for a second, the space between

me and you was

light years

I wanted to let you know of all the things 

which were left unsaid and undrawn.

Either because I was too afraid 

or too young. 


Now little brother head my advice. 

You're at that age where girls will soon get your attention.-or vice versa cause it runs in the family-

But how I said- girls will get your attention 

so brother make the mental connection 

that affection, is not 

obsession, possession or aggression 

that attraction comes from 

respect and consent 

Brother I expect no less, 

So raise your chest

let her hear your heart beat 

let her know that you are not a man of straw 

the armor you wear is not of tin 

brother don't look to be her knight in shinning armor, she'll know that your 

metal has never seen war, 

show her your scars and she will mend 

your wounds 

let your imperfections be the strongest 

parts of you. 


and brother remember that there is no woman more beautiful 

than our mother. 

remember that she is the princess and 

the dragon 

the fire in the belly of the beast 

is what kept you alive for nine months. 

remember you have some of that 

fire in you. 


remember that when mom and dad fight, 

mom will always win. 


and remember dad, 

how he wakes up at 3am to catch a 

2 hour ride to 1 paycheck that feeds 


And remember that he's been doing this for 15 years 

and rememeber that he's been supporting his family since age 16 

growing up in third world country 

supporting mother and little sister 

since his dad left him

so he 

dropped his dreams 

dropped the scholarships 

dropped his future 

 picked up ours 




brother remember our family tree

 how hard work has been 

carved into its wood, 

how the wooden chairs we sit 
on today were made by those who's handss look very much like ours 
know that our ancestry is rooted 
rich-Afro-Latino soil 

know that the ripest fruits grow on this 


brother learn to see the Golden Fleece 

ignore the siren's song on your 

journey through this sea of monsters 

If you do 

they will write stories about you 
you will become a constellation 

in their night sky 

you will light up their universe like nobody else 




don't forget about your eldest brother, 

and how the remission of our 

sins came by him, 

how he bled in gesamathe for a sinner 
like me 

how the cup would not be passed 

know that there will be no greater act of love, there will be no better performance
in this play there will be many lonely scenes, 

to be and not to be that is not the question 

The question is who will you be? 


be man 

be son 

be moon 

be stars 

be constellation 

be Galaxy 

be art 

be music 

be fun 

be you, 




lastly, remember to reach up for the 




hold them tight, 


put them in your pocket 


for when times get dark and soon enough


you will have

the whole universe in you, 



don't forget it. 






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