Letter to You

You whom I've only known a few years,
owner of a soothing and calming voice,
lover of unlikely things,
caregiver to all.
A man who thinks for himself,
a man who fully enjoys life-
yourself a unique soul,
one which resonates with my own.


I think I do love you,
but is it desire that clings to me?
I feel as if I need you,
but this is wrong.
So often I'd wish to be near you,
to be carried around in your arms
just as the wind carries the ocean waves through the days.
And so often I'd think,
if you lead, I shall follow.
But I realize,
I do not wish to follow.


Alas, now I understand.
If I have truly thought of loving you,
I know I must first love myself.
And I should not think I need you,
for I must ensure
I have no true need for you.
If I proclaim my desires for you,
It is wise to learn
that I must not desire you.
I want to be independent with you,
and I want to become whole
all on my own-
And you will be too.


With all this time now between us;
while being so far away from you,
I have long missed your words,
and have reimagined your warmth.
And I miss your gentleness,
and the way only you can calm the raging fire in my heart.



when things are once more
as they should be,
when time comes 'round again
to give us our chance,
I promise I will love you
just as I've learned to love myself.
And I will accept you
just as I've accepted myself.
Our bond will be truly understood
so that we may never hurt each other,
so that we may not misunderstand ourselves.



Though you may not see this message,
I send it out to you
by my own heart and mind.
It will not be long
before we meet again,
and you will see how my love grows then.
You will see just after Spring,
when Hope withers away,
and our true love blooms at last.

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This is my submission for the #BecauseILoveYou scholarship, and it is really a letter I wrote for my boyfriend. We are in a distance relationship, so the poem sort of speaks about that. To me, what is im p rant in a healthy relationship is what I embedded in this poem. Couples should not be so dependent upon one another, desire should not replace honest love, and there really should be no necessary need for anyone, in my opinion. 

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