A Letter to the Woman who Raised Me

Dear Mom,

You have raised me to be strong as hell

You’ve taught me not to take shit from anyone 

And I mean anyone 

Including you


You made me work hard

You told me to believe in myself or nobody else would

Not even you


I learned that my grades don’t matter

As long as I try my best

But I have to keep them above a 90 

For this to be true


You ask me why I spend the summer as far away as I can

You tell me you miss me

And then I get home and I can’t escape your screams anymore


You tell me to get out of my room 

That my room is like a soundproof bunker 

For emergencies only but if I’m spending so much time in here

does that make all the time an emergency 


I can stand up for myself 

When other people tell me I’m not good enough 

I know because you made me learn 


You tell me that I don’t need to be afraid 

Then you scream in my face for not being more careful 


You’ve never hit me 

But when my baby brother doesn’t do as he is told, he loses a few hairs to your grip


I learned that when someone is yelling

It is safer to stay hidden in my shell

And not give them tears

I save those for my pillow


I love you

You’ve taught me a lot



I think you’ve taught me a little too much


Your Baby Girl

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My family
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