a letter to whoever

Sun, 01/28/2018 - 15:43 -- mkat363


in this letter to whoever, 

i'm not sure what to say.

i rarely get to speak my mind;

never more than once a day.

and my list of friends is limited 

and is set in stone. 

but here

i can converse with you

i can let my words flow like ink in a pen to the paper.

you're here and you listen.

and you don't mind right?

or do you just not say?

or do i just not hear?

. . .

has the problem 

been with me the whole time. . ?

this is something i've never considered. . 






sorry this wasn't as long as the last one.

i just. . need some time to get my thoughts together.

you might not hear from me again,

but it's not like you expect my letters anyways, right?

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