A Letter to Trump:

September 15th, 2017

President Donald Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

Washington, DC 20500


Dear Mr. President:

I am an American, and I’m sure you are too. I’m sure you expected me to start this letter by stating my name and my business; to say that I am a girl and I am fifteen and that I find you really inspiring...but that would mean we would have to stray away from the only thing that matters- that one word that ties us all together: American. Together, all of us, three-hundred and twenty-three million of us and then some living on this land, some female, others not, are American.

Let me begin by extending my friendship to you,

so that we might bond through more than just red, white, and blue.

I like Twitter too.

Let me continue by saying, saying:

what you Tweet is betraying, betraying.

Let me speak, let me say;

It’s not okay, okay?

It’s not okay to target women because then you’re targeting girls too.

Most of the time it’s specific women, like when you called Megyn Kelly a bimbo, or when you complimented the wife of the French president, Brigitte Trogneux, on her figure. It doesn’t matter if it was a compliment.

The message you’re sending to us girls is that we can’t grow up to be the President; there’s no point in going into politics because women who run for office aren’t just supposed to be honest and kind and smart like those little kids who participated in a survey thought was true, you’re stereotyping women and showing us that now we also have to look like a model. What you’re paving the way for is for the election to be run like a beauty pageant when it comes to women and not a place for discourse about values and opinion on topics that matter to all of us as Americans.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to someday run for President. Now I don’t anymore. Thanks.




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