Letter to the Sun

I spend my days looking up at you, as you fall down from the Heavens. I am constantly taken aback by your willingness to share your light with the world. And it saddens me when you, the sun, sets. The weight of the sky is all to much of a burden, but you perceiver without a tear. You scream so brightly, with the essence of ten thousand angels. I can do nothing but gaze in amazement. I want to be your Ocean. I crave the opportunity. The chance to catch you as you fall, caress and all. Release yourself from the binds of blue yonder. Rest as I place your head against my chest. I would run my hands through your light streams, wrap my arms around and you could listen to my heartbeat as it crashes against the shoreline of my love for you. I’d let the caress of your hand keep me in touch with you. We could remain in the elements of abyss, just the two of us. Even if only for a moment. And when your ready I’d release you back into the sky as the moon. After all how is the world to see without her brightest star? I long for the day when i can be serenaded by your moonlit kisses, and that sliver of light between your lips. Your crescent smile would send reflections of your beauty as I catch them within the ripples of my skin. I wouldn’t want you to go to far so I would tie Orion’s belt to our waist, and I’d watch you dance amongst the floor of the heavens. I wish to float next to you, and believe me I’ve tried, but my waves are never big enough. You’d kiss me goodnight, and as I slept, the image of you would pierce my eyelids and embed itself within my deepest thoughts. I’d dream of you grabbing my hand and taking me to the above. A place of angels and doves. Comets surpass. I look down at a site I’ve never seen. The butterflies of my stomach begin to scream. That’s when you bathed my eardrums with the notes of your voice. Our eyes met paralleled(accompanied) with our lips and I fell asleep to the taste of light from your skin. I came to morning, realizing that our connection was all a dream. Now I am left to waiting for the morning star, the Sun, just waiting for it to Set again.


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