Letter to Now

Sun, 02/11/2018 - 16:13 -- Joistur

Dear Now,


I could start this out by saying "Hello,"

But I think we both know it would go a little bit more like (sigh) "Hello... again."

Please don't think I mean that in a demeaning way. I'm glad to write to you... again.


Just in case you forgot, here's what you told me in your last letter:






These are all simple "peaceful" mantras

That my soul is telling my mind, heart, and body to do,

And I am trying to listen...


But right NOW,

There are loud people down the hall from my dormitory, yelling

About pointless drama, just for the sake of perpetuating problems.


And right NOW,

My mom is probably sitting in her room alone, worrying

About the bills she has to pay this month, and the $2,400 she owes me.


And right NOW,

I gurantee you that there are people dying in the hundreds, from

Malnutrition, cancer, heart attacks, homicide, suicide, unsafe abortion, rape,

car accidents, a broken heart, the flu, HIV, malaria, food-poisioning, and-


and the list goes on and on...

and they're all trapped in poverty...

the product of an unhealthy environment,

a broken system,

and a profit-driven economy.


They're all victims of their culture, which is what I'm trying to avoid.


I'm trying to





But I remember something my soul told me a long time ago in a dream of mine:

"Stop trying, and just do it. That's when the magic happens."


So here I am now

Writing to you, my only friend

Because I know you truly do want what's best for me in the end, and for all of humanity.


So here's what I've been thinking (maybe you can tell me if this makes sense?):


The only way I can save the world


Is by accepting the world and all its imperfections


By realizing that the past is done, and the future has yet to come


So I need to save myself first???


Please just let me know if I'm at least on the right track.


Something that I'm definitely grateful to have learned from you is this:


The choice is ours,

We just have to



This has become increasingly clear to me, as my intuition seems to be growing, and

the Law of Attraction is beginning to make some sense for once!


Even though I cannot change the feeling of others, I have mastered the skill

of choosing to be happy! This emotional and mental discipline is a fun skill to develop indeed.

I now feel more grateful than ever for the little things in life. If only I could learn to use

my sensitivity to attract only positive energy, and to turn the negative energy into positive

energy as well. Spiritual alchemy is a tricky subject, but it's worth learning.


Like, for example

Right Now,

I smell spaghetti being cooked by my roommate in the communal kitchen,

and I see the wonderful magenta paint on my bedroom wall,

and I am enjoying the comfort of my own warm bed,

and being alive and healthy and happy is something to be grateful for in it of itself!

Because you know what? There are lots of people on this planet who will never get to

smell their favorite food again, who have never seen a rainbow, and who are sleeping outside

in the cold tonight.

So even if I can't save them, I can be grateful for what I have, which will save myself fom wanting

to end this wretched life now.


Thanks for teaching me a lesson that for some reason, none of my teachers in high school

though might be important for me to know. It's a lesson I can actually use (or try to.)



Joi <3


P.S. Since I've started using your advice, my anxiety has almost completely vanished! Can you believe that? :)






This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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