Letter to New York


United States
40° 46' 23.8584" N, 73° 55' 43.0824" W

At this time of the night it’s supposed to be dark,

But I see the sky of the city that never sleeps spark.

Streets brightened by colorful flashes,

Unfulfilled dreams burn down to ashes.

Blinding light of miracles and fairy tales,

Engulfing darkness of shadows and failures,

They make you the city of big dreams and small people,

You change my perspective, you make me feel so little.

You lift me up high and you slap me back down.

You make me feel like a princess, but refuse to give me a crown.

You give me freedom, then take it away.

Your strength inspires me, but your power makes me obey.

Thousands of stories, thousands of faces,

Pass by me, through me, then walk away to different places.

You bring us together, then tear us apart,

A crowded city full of lonely people … Well, that’s art.

You know us, but you don’t know who we are,

Voices, hopes and fears just leave you a scar.

Heavy, crowded air makes me barely breathe,

I don’t want to be here, I just want to leave.

I turn around I realize I’m lost in Time Square,

I’m scared, trying to grasp for some air.

But as I look up at you in despair and blink,

You summarize “It will all be alright” in a wink.


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