A Letter to Myself

Dear Me, 

Have you ever encountered an experience so devastating?

Wishing you could somehow go back in time and recreate a life more suiting.

I have never prayed harder.


You wonder, how can something happen to someone so good?

As if you're suddenly being punished for times when you were up to no good. 

I have renounced that lifestyle.


As if the situation was not already inferior enough,

In walks the Devil, grinning sheepishly as he comes in to press your luck.

And I let him. 


He leaves you, broken hearted and feeling alone,

But who calls down is your lord who promises to fix your home.

Will my prayers be answered?


As easy as it sounds you know it will not be so,

For even those who suffered had some more time to go. 

Patience is key.


Trust in the lord and the assignment he has given.

He will turn this storm into a rainbow,

For even Jesus was risen. 



Tayla Thomas 

This poem is about: 
My family


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