Letter to my vixen

To the one I want to love,

At first I was struggling to get this one started

I tried to write down some real creative shit but I constantly restarted

I thought “hmm this line looks good but sounds retarded” then it got discarded

Then I realized that I was using my mind and my heart was being disregarded

So im going to stop thinking and just let this one write itself….

I never knew I would actually write this because the struggle to bring oneself

To a point where you need to speak up is a hard task,

Like ive practiced telling you in person but I thought this letter would have more class

Don’t ask me how I got to this conclusion because im still in a state of confusion

Im confused as to why you want him and not me?!

Not only have I showed you what we could be but You and I both know I am better than He

He who claims he wants you but treats you like a trinket

You say you love him but then listen to silence fill the air along with crickets

Ok maybe im going a bit far but im willing to go as far as I need to, to reach you

You deserve better and better am I. Yet you stay with him, I still wonder why?!

Why don’t you see that I am the one for you? Whatever he can do, I can too times two.

He will hug you, We will wrap each other in a  loving embrace

He will kiss you; I will never tire of your lips taste

My tongue shall trace your waist with haste slipping underneath the lace

If I would have placed liquid courage in my system id use you as my chase

He will touch you, But we will caress with passion

 I will do so in such an endearing fashion

If it were to be converted into a substance, it could fill the deepest chasm

Making love would be but another way our love is expressed

The gripping, the biting, the choking, the moans and rough play fighting

Sweat dripping, Position flipping, you in a tight dress having me weak like a slave to an empress

With Fillatio the ratio would be two to one.  Back arching, sheet grabbing until you uhm…




Reaching spots you never knew you had, exploring new things that make you feel like you have wings

The emotion and passion added would be as big as the impact of a piece of the sun hitting the earth

Bringing you close because I know not only of your ever growing beauty but unbelievably high worth

Forget the physical because that could also be cynical

I look at you and see a Nubian queen, 

Deeper than that I see my queen oh so serene

Eyes that reflect the beauty passed down from her mother

I want to love you so bad but I don’t want you to be smothered.

You have a unending list of things I fell for

But I don’t want this letter to go onto year 2024

I don’t want to cause you harm nor peril from choosing

But baby you deserve better

The only tears to make those cheeks wetter

Should be the thought of your man making you happy with random love letters

The things I want to treat you with has no bounds

Whether it be love, sex, support, laughter, happiness, security, prayers so that god surrounds

I just want to give you it all…and this still sounds small.

Im writing this letter to you because its been on my mind

This is the only thing I could find that let me unwind from the cage in which ive been confined

My eagerness will be the death of me. Im just so willing to give a woman the rest of me.

The problem arises when that plan is thwarted and im now back where ive started

Ive been told that I have to wait for the right one, which I already know

My thoughts and mind have warned me about the hurt but to being careful I said no

Nothing ventured, Nothing gained. This has now left me lame

but im proud my emotions weren’t chained or drained.

They were not contained, strained, abstained they were entertained.

I know I just spilled all my heart out to you, but its something I needed to do.

Now that ive been able to think and re assess, I will leave you two to progress

I wish you only happiness regardless of if I confess and address what I feel in my chest

I hope you find in him what I see in you.


Your most passionate admirer.

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