A letter to my mum

Dear woman who is called mom by everyone,
Dear you who gave a life to a girl everyone calls a bastard,
Dear woman whose laugh would light up the world of my little self,
Dear woman with a heart that Gold and silver should be jealous of.

Excuse my inability to tell you in short what my heart is screaming,
I am a short girl with a short personality but I guess you already know that
I always wondered where my shyness came from for you are nothing like that
In short let me tell you the life your little butterfly is living while you are MIA.

"Stop crying you, who are you crying to anyway" little me says,
My mind that useless organ could not let me forget about your calm voice
My heart brilliant masterpiece would never let me breath out your intoxicating scent
Without you I learned a lot... in short I learned that my tears are my only friend
Because they never betray me everynight they are there.

Should I tell you about my ability to sing for I guess it is your gift to me
Should I tell you about my sensless ways of losing my way back home?
Should i tell you about my endless love for the man who raised me? You wouldn't understand
Oh Dear dear MUM should I tell you of how I am tired of breathing?

Sitting in classroom and my classmate tells me " tell me your mum cooks for you creamy rice"
I wish I could relate to what they are telling me but never mind my life I unique right " ayyyy"
I wish  I could relax a bit and never get to say " i don't live with my mum, can we drop it please"
I wish I could just be a cool kid like others and be you know "normal"

So I know this was a long description of "what" I am but I hope it satisfies you
My heart keeps screaming "tell her it is okay now" but I think "how should I start"
I will stop by here because my eyes are claiming my attention my time for meditation is up
If you pass by the candy shop remember I loved those mint candies that stung on the tongue.
      Sincerely your

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My family
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