Letter to my Mother: Never Read

Dear Mom,

I hate you,

I hate you because I miss you, even though I never learned who you were as a person.

Do you have the same ideologies as me? Do you believe that kindness will someday heal the world?

I hate you because I don’t know what your favorite color is or you favorite food

Mine is Black and Pasta, I wonder if yours is the complete opposite.

I hate you because I don't know what kind of music you liked to listen to when you were younger  or did you prefer pants over skirts

For a while it was rock music for me, now I listen to anything.

Pants over anything else, comfort is key

I hate you because I don’t know what day to celebrate you or what day to mourn you  

I hate you for falling in love so easily and now I’m here, not knowing how to even love myself

I hate you because you took away the idea of a happy family from me at such an early age

I hate you because you took away my happiness, I hate you for allowing yourself into my thoughts every single second of the day

I hate you because I am left wondering every day if we are drastically different people  

More than that, I hate myself for having such hatred toward you in the first place



Your Daughter


This poem is about: 
My family


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