A Letter to My Jumbled Emotions

Thu, 01/25/2018 - 22:34 -- toriey

Dear Jumbled Emotions,


Rage rolls like electricity, sparking

And cracking like a child in wooly socks

Rubbing her feet on a fleecy carpet.

It’s an odd feeling, so powerful, yet

So out of control.                 

                             Now I know why they

Call it “Seeing Red,” because that is all

I see.

          I rage like the sea, so angry

And grasping for anything that looks like


             It is a very odd feeling,

To be so out of control, and yet feel

So powerful.

                      There is fear, coursing through

My veins, even as I despair at what

To say. Why can’t the words come out like they

Do in my mind? Why must they trip off my tongue,

Just as I clumsily trip down stairs? Is

It my racing heart, working against me?

Or is it something more, some cause of my


          But more than rage and fear, there is love.

It is a warm feeling, one which feels like

Clouds and striped candies, and the whisper-soft

Touch of a silky ribbon. Love is a mystery

To me, something I cannot understand.


I feel light with my friends, and smile so much

That my cheeks begin to ache. And yet, is that


            Is love the aching feeling, the one

Which wracks me at night, when I try not to

Think? When dark hair and dark eyes don’t exist,

Even though I see them when I close my


           Or is it the feeling of belonging,

Which sweeps over me at lunch, nestled with

A book, which is more of an old friend than

A school requirement?

                                       My emotions:

Just what exactly are you?


Very confused,



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