a letter to my heart



dear heart, 

as i am writing this;

a proclamation of my emotion,

a diary of my feelings,

a jumble of words i have strung together in a depserate attempt to show you 


you are somewhere



thinking of me, 

but not how i think of you.

you have eyes 

beautiful brown eyes

that see me 

but not how i see you.

your hands scream to me to be held 

but you don't hear them. 

how can one fall so hard,

so fast, 

so blindly,

knowing that there was no cushion to pad the fall? 

knowing that there was no one there to catch you? 


i am in love. 

i have been falling for 6 years,

an endless downward spiral of emotion 

as you fall too

for everyone but me. 

i am in front of you, 

but you don't see me. 

i see you. 

you are my heart.

i am in love. 







This poem is about: 
My family


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