A letter to my Grandma Great

Dear Grandma Great,

I've learned so much from you, but there's much you don't recall

I know it's in there somewhere, but you can't find it all.

You made me laugh when I wanted to cry

When I would fail, you just kept telling me to try.

I am your granddaughter, but you have forgotten my name

Our family dynamic will never again be the same.

The things you told me are now hidden from your view

I remember everything and will never forget you.

You used to love to watch your soap operas while ironing the clothes

Now you just sit and stare and cuss at anyone who is close.

I know you need me to be strong, but this disease brings me fear

It makes every last one of us shed a tear.

We lose our patience with you and we curse and scream

You can't help acting the way you do, but we wish you were still part of our team.

I know you need us, but the best of you is gone

I will stand beside you and love you, until you can no longer carry on.

Love, Caylie

This poem is about: 
My family


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