Letter To My (Future) Daughter

Thought: Letter To My Daughter 


Do you trust me?

My child?

Do you believe me when I say I will always be there for you?

To hold every extended hand asking for a dance,

For guidance,

Or for help from falling on the floor?

And promise to be right behind you for every step?

Do you trust me?

My child?

All the times I would swing you around in the air,

To make you feel like you could fly,

The hugs we would share,

Each one just as strong and embracing as the next,

As you would run to my arms,

Whether with a smile and laughter in excitement at the sight of your Father,

Or with tears in your eyes from scraped knees and broken hearts that we could never see coming,

And you would say,

“Never let me go”...

Then proceed to tell me every secret as if I were the pages in your diary,


And you tell me,

“You’re the best Father ever”..

But then,

I pull back,

And I do let you go,

You look at me with confusion, 

As if I didn’t hear you the first time,

I did..

I just wanted you to know,

That I am not the best father,

The love that you receive from me is just a glimpse,

A small aspect in which I have learned from the best father ever,

He is true to His Word,

So there are no broke promises,

His will resonate with you more in your heart, 

More so than mine could in your mind,

Because He knows that in reaching your heart He can renew your mind,

Like your pericardium,

Let His wisdom guard your heart because we know from this,

All things flow,


He is consistent,

Steadfast in His love for you and I,

His love is unconditional,

So He loves you just as much as He does on your best day as He does your worst,

Enough that He would Sacrifice His Son to save you and I,

Knowing Him builds confidence,

In who you are and your purpose,

There is a sense of security with Him that is unexplainable,

Which is why,

It seems like I’m always at peace in tough situations,

And even when my image begins to fade from the corner frames of your mind,

When my eyelids come together for the last time,


That your Father still hasn’t left you,

He will still, 

And always love you better than I ever could...

Hold you tighter and longer than I ever could,

Strengthen you in ways I never could,

And prepare you in ways I never could,

So I ask you,

Little one,

Not to fall in love with your father,

But to fall in love with our Father,

Your Heavenly Father,

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My community
Our world


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