A Letter To My Friend

Wed, 04/17/2013 - 14:12 -- arlesha


United States
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December 29th
There was once a time that I could look you in the eyes and see how you felt
The hurt, anger, frustration, and the loud loneliness
I could see how you were often taken back by my beauty
The smile I often gave you just to show that I was happy to be your girl
We shared the world with one another
Just from the look in each others eyes
Our silence revealed our troubled thoughts
Laughs our happiness and enjoyment from one another company.
Now here we are months later
Frustration and anger louder than ever
I can see what your going through
feel your pain
And yet I can only imagine how you truly feel deep inside.
The world you were given troubles you
Yet somehow you manage to push forward
No matter what obstacles you may have to face
I will be there to face them with you
Your not alone
And when you feel there is no one in your corner
Just remember I am forever by your side
Through thick and thin or for better or worse
So keep your composure and stay patient
For some point in your life
This to shall pass

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