A Letter To My Concrete Queens

Mon, 05/12/2014 - 04:01 -- Merino


Ran into a girl from the past
A girl who walked a similar path
From where do I know this girl you might ask?
Juvenile Hall is where I seen her last
Lived our teenage years in and out of the system
Just like many other girls and I could list em
Ran into this girl after many years passed
A generation finally outgrown its grasp
But wait, theres more, time to face the aftermath
"Who do you remember from there?" Is what she asked
"Everyone." I answered back
Little did I know about the news she would stack
News full of darkness and black
The system was only the beginning of the final crack
Told me about more girls from the past
Other girls who walked the same path
Here's the story of their aftermath
One girl got killed by the mean streets of LA
She was one of the brave
Yet her enemies still smashed her like clay
Little did she know that would be her day
The day she wouldn't live to sleep in her own bed
All cause a simple bullet to the head
Can't watch her little girl grow up in the years ahead
That precious girl will live motherless instead
Another child ending up in the system
Daddy's long gone so he'd never miss em
That's just one sad story among many others
But wait, here's another
Next girl got paralyzed from the waist down
All from walking the wrong side of town
She used to have fun and clown
Now she can barely get around
Little did she know her aftermath would be a life in a wheelchair
While some people stare and think it's unfair
The people who did it laugh and don't even care
Her life is what they hunger to tare
A constant look over her shoulder to stay aware
She lives a life that can't be no fun
But wait, I'm not even done
Other girls ended up in prison for life
One can just imagine the strife
Restless days and sleepless nights
Living through constant battles and fights
Stripped of all humanly rights
Hidden snakes lie within all the people you meet
All they want is a way they can cheat
And all you got is your own two feet
To guard yourself against all the lies and deceit
No one is your friend
All they do is pretend
That's how it is until it's the end
A life grown cold in the system
Living through society with all its criticism
That's some pretty sad aftermath for my concrete queens
Still stuck and tangled in the devils schemes
Little did they know they would stay stuck in that pit of darkness where no one hears their screams
All they got left now is shattered and broken dreams
Generation after generation, when will it stop?
It's time to say enough is enough and make our way to the top
Change those ways my concrete queens, this life is not the norm
There's something greater than a life of crime, violence, and locked doors
Strive to make it out of the storm
I know it might seem out of reach and unusual
But I want you to know that life could be beautiful
A life of concrete u can defeat
Use that concrete as your fuel to compete
Time after time u surely will succeed
Don't ever settle for less
Look to The Lord and your life he will bless
Hear his knock and let him into your heart
It's the only way to rip the devil apart
Whos been corrupting your mind right from the start
He lies in wait like a narc
Waiting to shoot trouble your way like a dart
Striving hard not to miss his mark
Using anything he can as bate
He'll use anger and hate to destroy ones fate
My concrete queens I lived the life, I know
I know what it is to feel alone and to be brought low
My heart goes out to all of you I just want u to know
I truly want all of you to make it
But not just according to this world, the goal should be higher
Lets make it our goal to escape the trap of that eternal fire
To walk with God on golden streets
To no longer be lost sheep
It's not gonna be easy but I assure you it's never impossible
With The Holy Spirit anything is possible
Run or walk or crawl until the race is completed
Once you've won I promise you won't feel cheated
All you will feel is the joy and victory of a life of concrete defeated
I love you all and I want you to know your beautiful
Regardless of your flaws and thorns that lie at your roots
That's my message to all of you
But wait, before I go let me tell you about this other girl, where do I start?
So damaged inside she backslides into the dark
She doesn't like to communicate
But wait, I'm about to elaborate
This girl I know very well
She's been through hell
Just one glance and you can never tell
She hides the depths of her soul behind a wall that's ten feet tall
While the innocent child in her screams and calls
Broken badly bruised and scarred yet still she crawls
Inch by inch trying to make it to the light at the end of the vine
Wanting to put her broken past behind
She's seen and lived through things people wouldn't even believe
Roots full of darkness up until she aged out of the juvenile system
But the cycle repeated and ended up in the adult system
Went from catching juvenile cases and foster homes to CYA and catching adult cases
Had a taste of freedom but her pain was still eating her up inside
Hated everyone and everything
Kept living reckless long ago stopped caring
This time she was making illegal money over in other states
Once again she caught another case
Eleven years later now still in the system
A broken home was the first symptom
Cold and full of corruption
Little did she know it would lead her down a path full of destruction
Bottled up hurt, anger and frustration
But thanks be to God he has her heart under construction
Looking to him for guidance and direction
To make it to her destination which is winning the race
The time is now there's not a moment to waste
She hopes to see you all at that heavenly place
Hope is what's keeping her stride a steady pace
My concrete queens I know her so well coz this last girl is me
We're gonna make it one day and when we make it they'll see
Just tell em "She came from concrete."


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