A Letter to the Moon


Me and you have created a special bond as of late. All of these nights I've spent thinking and writing have been accompanied by you. You've given me light. You've given me peace of mind. But now I'm here to tell you that I've found someone else. She's kind of... She's kind of like when you realize that it's alright to be imperfect because that just means for more interesting stories to tell people about the scrapes on your knees and the scars over your chest. She's kind of like the peer pressure that you pretend to not want to give into but you know damn well you're going to take a hit of her eventually. She's kind of like driving at 2 am when the streets are empty except for you, your thoughts and track 17 of that mixtape you made for when you want to feel alive. She's like that cool summer breeze you feel during a summer night when you crack your window open just enough. She's brave. She's spontaneous. She's forgetful. Not purposely, but because she lives so in the moment all the time that she occasionally forgets the details. She's the one who made me realize that the nights where you get the least amount of sleep are a million times better when you spend them with someone who keeps you checking what time it is, not because you're thinking about how much sleep you're losing but because you're keeping track of the time you've spent getting to know the real them. Four houndred and eighty-three minutes and two, three, four, five seconds... The honest them. The side of them that only the post-midnight moon and the warm side of their pillow are familiar with. She's my balance. When I get as quiet as living rooms at 4 am after a family party, she's there to drop the needle on the record and revive the night. She's taught me to take chances. Her light has shown me more in a few months than you have in almost 18 years. And even if that light is bound to come to a dim eventually, I swear I'll try every single day to keep the darkness away for as long as possible. They didn't know about us before, but now when they ask me if we're official, if we're together, if that's my girl, I'll say, "No... She is my light. My peace of mind. My moon. As a matter of fact, she's not even really mine. She is her own her person. She shines all by herself. I'm just lucky enough to be able to hold her hand while she shines her light for everyone else to be illuminated by."


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