Letter to mom

Dear mother this letter comes to you from the middle brother. It is about a decision i have made . An excision took place you won't find a trace of blood oh no scalpel either spiritual tools are what i used. From this day foward I refuse to be abused. I didn't need a knife I didn't need a knife to tell you I DON'T WANT YOUR LIFE.  I've tried and tried in every which way but all I got was a life starring in a  miserable play . "Stage left sorry you got cut you and fear can go home now to the bleachers you go . Feel free to watch the show the stage is reserved for others those that taste success that know their true identities. Please please don't knock over the trees on your way there ,the show will start soon please stay quite because down here we care. "So that's it mom I can't be up here anymore. I've had to much pain to many days feeling blue trying to be just like you. It's not the life I want today . Much to my dismay I came to this decision later in life.  stakes are high  life is fleeting Carpe diem said professor Keating . The game I play today? Let me just say its where I can be honest and feel True joy where each day is bliss for my little boy. So don't be offended or even hurt cuzz its not about you anymore . This is no blame game I did that to, it only added to my shame . For to long my song was about you and dad and what was done man that ain't fun just a big ol waste . Today I'd rather eat my own tooth paste.just wanting to play my own tune it's so sweet and pure after 39 years I am finally sure.  I am  choosing  me  connecting to my core because than and only then can I truly be excited for what's in store .  

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My family


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