A Letter to McKenzie


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Hey little McKenzie.
I haven’t known you for too long, but
I feel like in such a short time
In mind and body you have grown
It’s true

I know I’m not your father
But please don’t grow up too fast
A lot will change in the next few years
So there are a few things that I ask
Of you

Avoid the stereotypes and natural forming cliques
Because these people around here
Will inadvertently make you sick
And will try to entice you
With all kinds of “cool things”
Like having sex before marriage
And not waiting for wedding rings

They will pressure you into believing
That down this road there is no grieving
That smoking weed at school is cool
And there are no consequences for heavy drinking
But that’s not true
I don’t know what kind of high that you would get
But I promise that in the future
It’s something that you’ll regret
Those things will lead to more
And the more will lead to others
And soon you find yourself in a hole
Searching for cover

But maybe I am being irrational
Because you are better than that
I just don’t want to see you get caught up
In all of this high school bull crap
Where the cool kids run the school
And teachers do nothing to stop them
As they prance throughout the hallways
Cursing and always gossiping
Laughing together at the kids
That they are currently ostracizing
On social media sites, which shows the younger ones
What is really poppin’
Making them think that sagging pants and
Showing cleavage at school is cool
And instead of respecting their bodies
They do what the rappers and strippers do
Like treating women as property
As if they are only tools for pleasure
Calling them bitches while the females
Smile like they can’t be labeled any greater
And the kids that were ostracized
Go home and hate their lives
And decide to come to school the next day
With guns or knives
To take revenge on the kids that were
Laughing while they were crying
And ugh… man

But no, that’s not cool
Don’t engage in any of that
Just be yourself and find friends
That will love you and have your back
Don’t let anyone pressure you into thinking
That these things are cool
Be the example for these lost kids
Be the one that those who follow you want to be like
I admit that I am guilty of a few of these things already,
But be better than me
Because if you do, then this corrupted place might actually
Become something more than just a factory for stereotypes
I don’t know. I’m just talking now.
I know you don’t want to hear me rambling on all day,
Since you have your entire life ahead of you
Places to go and people to meet
All that I ask is that you do not forget about me
And what I have asked of you, Little McKenzie


LeFonzo Wesley

Used at a poetry slam at my high school. It was a big success.

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