A Letter To The Little Girl I Used To Be

Sat, 09/07/2019 - 13:10 -- Samora



I hope your doing well

and by "well" i mean i hope

your not crying into your pillow

leaving the red inside your eyes

and the stains on your small soft cheeks


I hope your not screaming silently

as your fists make contact with the

hard, cold walls.

creating purple blush on the

top of your knuckles


I hope you will soon know

that all the people you love

will not always feel the same

and your heart will be like broken shards of a mirror.

but no matter how much you put together those pieces,

you'll never see yourself again.


And much later on,

you'll be faced with a rush of thoughts

one night

you'll think that the world is your enemy

and the end is your friend


I know all this sounds as if

your life is full of

sad movie scenes and heartbreak

but I want to tell you that


There will be times when

you are truly doing well.

you're heart will be full of

a light

brighter than the stars you cry to.


And instead of screaming,

you'll laugh softly

and your hands wil not be forced

into a shape of a fist

and there will not be pain rushing through you


You'll soon know that even if some people don't love you

there will be people who make your life

so much less painful

and who will be there through

the flames of your journey's.


If those thoughts come to you one night

you might think that bottle of pills

is your new solution to a better life.


But, im here to tell you

It didn't help create your tears

into smiles

or your broken heart

into a mirror


So please know that

the world can be your friend if you let it

and the end can also be your friend if you let it

but im begging you,

dont let it.




This poem is about: 
Our world


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