Letter from John Wilde

I have gone to church every sunday and wednesday of my entire life,

One time we had a visitor and she said the most unexpected thing.

She said, “Well aren’t you sweet, you’re not one of those que que’s right,

 Because you look awfully light in the loafers” 


My name is John. John Wilde, and I am the spokesperson for all that is flamboyant.

As a little boy I used to sneak into my moms closet

It was almost as if the heels called my name.

I played barbie with my sisters

And braided hair.

Although, my parents didn’t approve.

I mean what was so wrong with that?

What was wrong with me?

Was I that different?


I started elementary school, and making friends came natural to me

It wasn’t until everyone discovered a three letter word G-A-Y in the 5th grade that everything changed.

That I realized just how different I actually was… maybe.


It is important to note that I have loved football since a little boy, but that just was not enough for the boys at school.

We started to grow up and with age came realization.

All my friends talked about girls and It just did not feel right to me.

I mean,the girls, they LOVED me.

They thought I was the funniest cutest boy alive, and I was okay with it.

But not because they gave me attention, but because somehow we were alike.

 I just couldn’t put my finger on it just yet.


The dreadful years of middle school were just in sight and that was scary.

I dated a couple girls in 7th grade, that was weird.

I even had a girl tell me she was pregnant… DOUBLE SCARY!


I knew I wasn’t normal, but what really was normal.

And whether you admit it to yourself or not,

Every little kid is weird in some way. I don't care what you say.


My guy friends started to look attractive…Why.

In hindsight, I know why. They were totally hot.


It took me 8 years of school to finally be okay with myself.

Deep down I always knew, it just wasn't something I was quite ready to confront just yet.

But im…im… IM GAY. I am Gay

Society is ever changing, things may not be good but we have made so much progress as people.

I can walk outside, I can hold my husband's hand, and we may get some looks, but at least we don't get hate crimed.

I am normal.

John Wilde has taken this world by a loafer raining storm

And nothing in this world can stop me.




Your local Doctor of Flamboyance, John Wilde

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