The Letter Inside Taken Out The Bottle


(poems go here)Write, sometimes is the only right thing to do

From not being understood, to being stood up from all those in your personal hood

From confused feelings, to living life confused

Attempting to break free but hopeless because all resources out there for you looked at you to use

Holding on to pain and letting it go in a pins dark drops of rain

Older by the day but nightmares of words you want to say

Not perfectly fit to wear a peace of the world that says you’re amazing

Eyes looking for ways of pressure release gazing but there is nothing that can tame thoughts

Writing is a soul relaxer, a way to express my thoughts

Power is not only spoken but sometimes experienced stronger when read

You can’t hold a story inside because your closed mouth had a story that could have made a dead person not dead

From dry tears to invisible smiles, angry unheard laughs to sad quiet melodies poetry is a sample

Of a beauty that was tired of being a beat down beast

I write because it is the power of voice that I like to use because it is a free choice

I write because it’s my opportunity to speak to a world that goes on daily with no moments of silence

I write because write makes me right, and the reason for that is that is lets me release my deepest thoughts and think about my wildest dreams and that’s a right way to live

If it wasn’t for poetry my life would be like the space between the lines, nothing is there because nothing is hooked on to get out! 


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