A Letter to the Industry

Sat, 07/16/2016 - 20:57 -- tiraluv

To whom it may concern,

            Walt Disney is a liar. Deceitful and manipulative. A farmer. For planting the idea that women are a model of perfection in every man’s mind. Well sorry to break it to you, but not all of us have long flowing red hair to caress our cheeks as we walk. We don’t all have curves to fill blue ball gowns. And we sure hell don’t have time to sit around waiting for you to come rescue us in this life long game of hide and seek. However, I can’t blame this all on Disney. So hey MTV, could you please stop brainwashing men into believing that we’re all going to grow up as Beyoncé’s. Move our hips like Shakira and have accents like Rihanna.  Because I refuse to paint my face with Cover girl and Maybelline. However, our perception of women has expanded past the male view. I’m surrounded by bitter women. Invited to the hair salon to bask in their struggles only to serve as their light. I was born to be the shoulda coulda woulda. Forever burdened with the masculinity of women. But I can’t give myself a baby. I can’t wrap my arms around myself to feel protection and comfort. But somehow I must learn to marry myself and be content with playing mommy and daddy because it will save me from heartache. But without someone to share it with, how do I know its worth? That it still works? Forever checking my pulse to ensure I’m still human. Afraid that I have become the black woman’s fantasy. Strutting around like a robot. I tried standing while peeing to ensure I was still a woman. I pamper myself and stare at blank walls and empty frames. Wondering why do I have to be alone in order to be called a strong woman. Because I see mothers struggling to buy Roman to feed their starving children. I witness woman fighting to make ends meet at work. Little girls with their heads smothered in books attempting to graduate. These are real women! Filling this world with what it is lacking. A testimony. See, society has developed this image of a strong, independent woman being one without struggle, no assistance, no baggage. This is not reality. God built us to need companionship not to proclaim there are no good men. He made us imperfectly perfect. As mothers point at me for their daughter’s example of successful, three fingers point back at them. I hate to be the barer of bad news, but I’m not perfect. I am only one example of what persistence looks like. So thank you BET for engraving the broke back women stories into the brains of our sisters our wives and soon to be mothers. Because now we have found ourselves in a rut that’s too deep to climb out of. But God is our extended latter. There will be no more photo shopped personas of what a real woman is. This is a no filter zone. All violators will be towed at their own expense. Just like a bible, we have many versions all disclosing the same truth. Because I’ve seen real women like Mary, so engrossed in her faith that she bared the pain of her son on a cross. Real women like Sarah who bared children at the age of 82. Real women like Ruth, strong enough to endure the bitterness of her people. Real women like Esther who still remembered where she came from long after the throne. See, my definition strays far from the norm. So no matter the occupation or background story, we will always and forever be the real women of America. 

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