letter to grandma


tter to grandma
Dear grandma,
i just wanted to let you know i love you
and even though i didn't know you 
i knew you
and ill never forget the time i saw your face 
i wanted to ask you how do you do
i wanted to ask you if you remembered my face
because i couldnt remember yours
but i was only seven years old 
and i will never forget your still body 
i wanted to ask if you were okay
but i couldn't understand why my words bounced off your still body echoing 
i wanted to tell you i love you 
but i couldn't stand to hear the sound of my own voice i just wanted to hear your voice echoing in my head i love you to che' che' 
but i was only seven
and i didn't understand why you couldn't move 
why we had to hug you and i was to afraid to feel your cold body because i knew i wouldn't let go until i felt you warm again 
i didn't understand why daddy brought you flowers 
that stroke consumed you from your toes to your nose 
but i didn't understand i was only seven 
i couldn't figure out how to love you if you couldn't love me back
i'm sorry 
because when you left that hit hard
your death sent tsunamis into my hearts coastlines 
i watched your sons deepest oceans escape from his eyes i watched our world crumble in to our hands
even though i never got to know you 
i knew you
and ill send letters of prayers to you everyday if you just asked me too
and i will tell you i love you in every way everyday to everyone in every language je t'aime. te amo. wu ai ni. le lieb dich. ninakupenda.
i will shout  i love you to the heavens until your well enough to hear me 
so tell me when you get this letter
because the post office down hear is closed on sunday 
and i don't know if you can get mail in heaven.


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