Letter to a friend

Thank you for your email. Your words are a key which unlocks a door when opened I am inspired to get myself up and off the floor. Sometimes I feel sad believing my life has been such a bore getting up each day can feel like a chore.  Every so often I  reminded of friends like you who always se to know what to do. Living life with such joy and adventure gives me hope one day I will elope running away to the play that has been waiting for me on order to start. This will be the day i listen to my heart. Making choices catapulting me off the chart. So much love to you for all that you do living life overseas married to your main squeeze raising a child in a foreign country who would have thunk it a fsu grad travelling the world loving life as a dad. Embodiment of the great poet don't you believe I know it . He said Carpe diem can't you see em your dreams are there asking you where you have been stop taking it on the chin. Come join us they say so life can be a full on play. So to you my friend I tip my hat off and say Olay Olay Olay Olay . Cheers .

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