A Letter to Family


Do you remember the time

That we made “coffee” out of mud in the little playhouse

Or the time we went to the theatre

And you had never gone before?


It was such a long time ago now

 and I wonder

do you remember me at all?

If you do, is it fondly?


Or do you resent me for what he couldn’t be?

For though its not my fault, I lost you

Through his choices

But he’s not the only guilty one


When you look at her, do you realize what she did?

That she made her choices too

And I pay for them again

But you do too


You’ll never know your siblings

And you no longer know me

I confess that if I saw you walking down the street

I wouldn’t recognize you


Does it matter to you?

What you lost?

Or are you relieved that you lost us?

Maybe you think you got the better deal


But if you do, just remember

How hard we laughed when Grandpa drank our “coffee”

And how much you loved the show we saw together

And how we were friends


Because  I never forget


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