A Letter to a Beauty


I know you don't know me,

and I don't know you...


But I know you're beautiful.


When you walk into a room,

it lights up,

as if the sun is in your mind and eyes.

You are strong.


As strong-minded,

and as strong-willed as God himself.

No matter what challenge you face,

know you can face it head on,

without fear.

You are perfect.


Whoever you are,

whoever you love,

it's perfect.

Whoever is in your heart,

is lucky;

and those who have you in their lives,

they are blessed.

Know that with each day,

you will grow stronger still,

and nothing anyone says can bring you down.


You are loved,


and if you think that's not true,


know that I love you.


All of the creatures on earth need love,

and all the creatures need to love,

so I'm here to say that you ARE loved,

you are beautiful,

you are perfect,

and you are strong.


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