A Letter to the Beautiful Ones



To the girl who sits 5 seats in front of me

To the girl who I pass everyday during passing period

To the girl I’ve never said a word to but always wish I had

This for the girls that believe beauty: is a fairytale they will never live

You are beautiful


You are the the symphony birds sing love songs too

A Bouquet full of flowers that always seem to bloom

Your eyes are the only stars worth watching at night

But true beauty is non fiction


A section you’re always afraid to let others read

Because it’s all real

And In a world full of grammar nazis

People will edit your flaws hoping to erase them



Let them spire

Let them be the satire to those who think they’re perfect

While In a garden of ugly have the audacity to grow kindness

When others will not

Wear happiness upon your lips


cause smiling is the new black and it goes with everything

It’ll be the biggest fashion statement since

Guys wearing rompers

The only difference between onesie booty shorts for guys and a smile Is it’s ok to smile


Your smile could be the remedy that saves someone from the indictment of there day

A cure brewed for the broken heart aches

Your beauty

Is the image you picture, the one that paints a thousand words with one stroke of your walk, Picking up lines from mouths and dropping jaws in the process


Inviting eyes to the show of your confidence

with every ticket to your authentic soul

And If you’re a dancer put your best foot forward

Let every step taken be the choreography needed

To be yourself


Perform 8 counts with your heartbeat if you have to

Till you memorize every memory that brought you here


Act like it

I know shyness is something you will carry forever


Trust me I know

But forget being the shadow of a fantasy

Be the reflection of your reality

An if that isn’t enough be the dreamer who was always wide awake Who slept on doubt

Cause it wasn’t worth another nightmare


On days where your eyes are swollen shut from tears performing first round knockouts with your emotions

Making you feel black an blue beaten bruised

Know that all rivers run dry sometime


Know that even in the darkest times people still find a way to shine

Know that in moments of catastrophe the most beautiful things bloom

Know that a high man once Sang “Every little thing is gonna be alright” and believed it

And if drama isn’t part of your diet plan be

A vegetarian so there’s no beef involved

Have a stick and carrot


And chase after everything you’ve hoped for and more

Have today be the final resting place for your insecurities

An if someone ever tells you, you need to change

Turn right around and tell them that their breath stanks “cause all they do is shit talk”

Because usually the ones preaching for change are the one searching for it the most

So if you ever wanna be beautiful look directly in the mirror and be yourself

Be every bit as whacky or as goofy as you are, be crazy, be dumb, be smart, be fun, be shy, be loud, be happy, be proud, BE YOU

Because being you is beautiful


Sincerely you

This poem is about: 
My community


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