Letter to Aphrodite

Dear Aphrodite,

Also known as Venus by the Romans, you are the Goddess of Love and Beauty and wife of Hephaestus, who is the God of Fire.  I've heard so much about you such as your role of being the Goddess of Love, which is to install, "love or lust to people whom she wanted either to punish for whatever reason, or assist them in fulfilling their sexual desires they had towards others.”  Do you determine who these people fall in love with? Is the love they feel for others real or fake? Is it considered adultery, incest, or homosexuality? How do you know if the mortals or Gods you are casting to fall in love, is the right choice? An example being two people both biologically siblings, is it a love desired or punishment for inciting incest? Love between two of the same sex, is it forbidden and banished?  Do you instill love into these tendencies such as men cheating on their wives or are they already banished and killed for falling into these tendencies? You are the Goddess of Love and Beauty, as you decide a God and mortal’s love, do you insight their beauty too? Do you think beauty is in the eye of the beholder or are individuals just born with beauty? What is considered beauty? Facial and body features or a person’s personality?  What’s most important when inciting a person’s beauty, appearance or inner feelings and genuinity? Love can be such a powerful thing, don’t you think?

Arianna Ceja



Very deep, good writing. Thank you

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