A letter from Anonymous


Dear teachers,

Do not frown

When some of your students are not honor bound

There is something that needs to be inferred

When it comes down to learning

Students learn in a varying pace

This is something that you need to embrace

That not all students can be first strings

In learning all things

Even if you think that your students brains are teeny weeny

They might even surprise you like the famous escape artist, Houndini

The purpose of a teacher is to teach well

To minors

Even if they’re such whiners

You do this because you want them to excel

However, if a student continues to fail

Do not wail

This could mean that your teaching style isn’t working

(Pardon me, if this comment hurts you like getting a piercing)

Or the student isn’t willing to put the effort

This doesn’t mean that change will be inert

Although students may have forgotten what they learned

They must know that education cannot be adjourned

Some may or may not agree

Nor guarantee

That repetition is the best way to learn

Clearly, when students had to learn their ABC’s

That lesson never did cease

Because the ABC’s are engraved into their minds

It is hard to go back and rewind

And forget

Now identifying letters is no longer a sweat

When back then, recollecting the ABC's use to be terrible as playing Russian roulette

According to the common quote “Practice makes perfect”

Don’t object

This can make you into an intellect

As stated before, when students go onto their summer break

Their memory becomes opaque

What teachers should do

Is instead of introducing something brand-new

But to do a switcheroo

And review

Ensuring that every student gets it

Even if they throw a fit

Every year, teachers should review for a period of time

All in good time

Teachers will see test scores rising

Instead of declining

Every lesson should be ingrained

Into students brains

For then they won’t forget

Instead of breaking into cold sweat

When taking a major test

The goal in getting a good grade will no longer be a quest

After students demonstrate their steadiness in lessons

Learning something new won’t be hard to take in

For it is within

Teacher and students

To not be discontent

But to be willing to change

Even if it looks out of range

For effort only releases its reward, after a person refuses to quit.






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