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In my dream my name was “thought.”
I occupied the space of all at once.
I was the sky on a clear day, as I stretched for miles and enveloped the space they occupied.
I was the catalyst for love, joy, murder, rape, and treason.
I saw the joy on young innocent souls and saw sadness in the faces of a nation rocked by the evil of its ruler.
I helped prove the existence of beauty, and shame.
I consumed the lives of many, but lived in the existence of all.
I was a single force that tied cause and effect together satisfying the idea of action.
I was the imperfection in one, but felt the excellence in all.
The profits given to one that completed arduous labor gave me the impression that I will succeed.
And to think I ventured into the souls of all, but remained in the mind of the adventurer.
In my dreams my name is still “thought.”

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