Let's Talk

"Bae....sit down


We need to have a serious coversation"

I'm sitting there-

Patting down on the cushion to my right

I see your jaw tense

Your eye's soften

You're nervous wreck


What I'm thinking

Has nothing to do with

The negitivity around us

Womens' jealousy towards me

Womens' lust for your touch



You're wondering

Is this the end??

The end of our journey

Our time???

The end of our love-

The end of four (4)

prosperous years

Its written boldly on your face

Is it the end of...


I see you

Over there sweating bullets

Of panic

I hold up my hand

Silencing the words you were about to say

Then proceeded

"These years have been

The greatest ever....

You have been, the greatest ever

I mean...truly

What woman wouldn't be after you

On a foundation of

Trust& respect-

Loving kindness-

We have buit a house

That reflects us both

As one

Shows us for who we are

Sweetie, it's not you

- its me

All me-

The lustful women

The jealous women


Having to deal with their trying

Years have gone by


-- Weeks, days

----Every minute of hour

& every second of that minute

Away from you is spent...

Spent wondering.....!"

I trail off

Seeing the distress on

Your face

Seeing tears run-

streaming from your eyes

I then place my hand on your cheek

Wiping away every tear

Slowly i continue

"Bae, its not you

--it's me"

........ "Sweetie please save it"

You say as you get up

Heading to the door

"You don't want me

Any more-----

I can see it- the hard times


-jealous& envious women"

......."Bae, its not you its me.."

Tears flowing...silently

I get up& approach him

The sound of him

His heart beat

Feeling his very being

Our souls intwinded

Aching for him

But this must be said

"My love, I must say we have a lot of fun

But I think this phase of


Is over& done-

we are no longer high school sweethearts

Or childhood crushes-

W have matured

You- a man...

&I- a woman

So its sad to say that I've lost my childhood love

My childhood crush....

My friend..."


"But bae-

You haven't even let me finish what I.."

....."I've heard all you NEEDED to say"

"Bae please don't leave

Just because I love another

&Chose to be married off to him

But he must be respectable to you

He must be of your approval

My childhood love....

So you shall meet him"

As I get the mirror

Heading out to him


...because the man you see

Is the man that I

....he is no longer the boy he was years ago..

Bae from my crush, you have grown

Into a Godly man--Who I'm ready to take this next step with

One who accepts my flaws

The man that truly understands me--

A man- heaven sent

Made just for me

A man I want to spend my

Every day with

Hour with

Minute, every second with

Who encourages me

To walk in the faith

Of the man upstairs


I am truly blessed"

As tears rolled down my face

I walk into the comfort of your arms

Both of us

With silly grins on our face



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