Let's Make The World A Better Place

Sun, 12/08/2013 - 19:26 -- shagung
He went home and cried
How many times he had tried
It was all in vain
Nothing could lessen his pain
The bullies were all around him
In the classroom, in the hall ways, in the gym
Hovering around him, like a swarm of bees
All he could cry out was "Leave me alone please"
No one stood up for him
No one dared to
His entire life seemed like a lie
For him, none of this was new
When we're out partying with our friends, wishing time would freeze
We need to realize that there's someone out there
Just trying to go through a day in school without being teased
All they need is some love
Someone to tell them it's all gonna be okay
They can't concentrate on their studies, family or anything else
Their future looks so gray
These are memories that can't be erased
They say we're all created equally
But is that really true?
The number of children in distress because of bullying is clearly not a few
We all say that we need to do something to put these kids out of their plight
But when we see something wrong happening in front of us, do we stand up for what we think is right?
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