Lets Kill Society

Smile, sit up straight, and quite down

Do as I say, but don't forget to smile

Actually don't smile, because your nose is crooked

Your fat, ugly, and a waste of space

But you can be still beauitful. People don't call us Society for no reason

We have a reputation to keep up

Destory people's life to make them think they are flithy, and worthless

Yes that's it, can you not see it

Bow down to Society, live the way we tell you

Plastic surgery for everyone, that includes you boys

Care only for yourself, because YOLO right?


Go to Hell Society

From I and everyone else

From the children playing together at the park

To the young girl and boy looking in the mirror

Each and everyone of us is BEAUITFUL

Everyone is UNIQUE

Next time Society calls us ugly, lets give them our killer smile 

When they call us fat, lets shake what our mama gave us

Hell lets shake every roll

They say we are a waste, lets show them what they are missing

For we are BEAUITFUl



We are US

And we look great being us too


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Our world


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