. Let's GREEN

I happen to brivet into Kingdom Plantae
Everywhere was fresh and green
Everything was made of Love
Will someone wake me frm this dream
With a slap that's much
or throw me in water to wake and swim.
on second thought,
leave me as I tell this enthralling scene.

Roses were red
Violets were blue
But from distance they all seem green
I look the sky to the yellow beam

I slept on cotton and it felt so cozy
I smelt the roses and the smell is so lovely
I picked some turnips and fed on lettuce
I hugged some tendrills and will not let loose
I kissed the cucumber and looked ahead.
Before the throne, linnaeus was the head
Who happen to be the only wight besides me
I bow in loyalty to honour his royalty
He shew me around, it was so romantic

The great Angiosperms never look down on the thallophytes
As many as they were I never witness a fight
the wiggles of the trees make a melodious song
It was peaceful, otherwise would be wrong

My temp was high in the arid, but the xerophytes seem fine
Almost drown in Aquaa town where the hydrophytes had a still smile
My skin turn pucker yet the halophyte stay bright
and back in the tropics I felt so alive

After so much fun and play
It's time of rest for the day
The leaves and flowers go to lay
So sad I had to be on ma way
I wish humans would live the same
Obliterate religion and racism that cause pain
Stay together in love and not away
And forever we make a change of fate
Let's GREEN and never turn grey...

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