Let's Chill

Drip drop splashLets make lust tonight you see I have a problem. More like an addiction. No not to drugs or alcohol but to sex. Lifting your soul as I kiss you on your lips Going to your neck to make you squirmRunning my tongue down your bodyTo get to my full plate you have waiting for me as you lay across the table.Dinners ready I see because as I get closer and closer to your G your eyes roll to the back of your head as you crawl up the wall and make sweet melodious tunes from your vocalsAs im making a whirlpool inside you...letting it build up. As you're Holding on... waiting for that last push that causes all your juices to flow like the Niagara Falls as I wait at the bottom to catch every drip.Begging no pleading for this to be more than lust... more than tonight... more than a one night stand. But forever... 

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