Leter that will hopefully fall apart in water, please stay printed

Dear my you were,
as I know you mever wanted to bear,
I won't call you near.
Audios like you are for me,
preparing in different timelines to see,
if I used the same words and never sumbled a bit,
because I want everything to fit.
Inner I forget that the most is not me anymore,
since laughter has been many for,
but somehow I chose fatty from lore in the convenient store.
And not open my ears for you for sure.
Maybe love was never normally made,
but I hoped your perspective will somehow fade,
but ofcourse it did never, not even late.
My fault it is since you relaid on it,
because I forced you to sit.
Made you think,
what ty thing you did.
Always I would've accepted your sorry's,
but never someone was trying to Set up a story,
where I could feel somehow glory.
Audios like you are for me,
hearing you twice makes me see,
that I find uncomfort in finding the key,
but still try to grab a tea,
while it makes me hurt in degree.

Lazy I am to even delete you fully in recording,
cause I didn't wanted a third to restoring.

People say the mind forgets when hurt happens,
I would never deny these textes.
He may started messing,
,,but before", always Showed up in a Dressing.

Who dumbass said love is romantic?
Now I am here standing here psychopatic.

I hope I'll never see my you were,
as I already knew you never wanted to bear,
I would never again call you near.
Copyright © Adna Demiri | Year Posted 2024


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