Let Us!

Sat, 03/22/2014 - 23:59 -- dcast16

College just a word at glance 

College is just a perfect chance 

To try and eliminate world hunger 

Let us be the next Martin Luther King Jr.

Let us be the next John Lennon 

Give us a chance to achieve like Albert Einstein 

Let the girls be the next Amelia air heart or cure cancer 

Let the boys be the next great president or relive this world 

Form its global warming

Many young students at middle school, high school

Evan elementary dream of the college of their choice 

But some pass the chance; many don't get a chance

For what? Grade or high cost of money 

So let us just achieve like the greatest minds 

Let us be the greatest humanitarians 

Give us a chance to led America to its former glory 

And quit relying on foreign education from the leading nation 

So in order for this generation to achieve what others couldn't

Just give us a chance and Save Us A Spot for the college of our dreams.


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