Let People Live


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When we think about the media and social media

We think about keeping us in the loop

But what some don’t know

It’s a path of destruction


Thin, Thin, Thin is what we are supposed to be

But what you see in the mirror is not what you like but what some don’t

The words hurt more then the sticks and stone

And eventually you’re down a path of destruction of your own

Calories this and stay fit that

When people think the true meaning of beauty is flat

With many disorders like anorexia that are known

How about you see how it feels to be alone?


Fag this, Fag that

You know how the torturing goes

But some people don’t know how hard it hits down low

Scared to be who you are cause of the one you love

Because of the words that were said from the man above

With all the torture, depression and suicide known

How about you see how it feels to be alone?


Instead of judging let people be happy

It’s not our lives

It’s theirs

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