To Let Our Light Shine

 The very thing designed to block all things bright

to keep out the thing that keeps us alive.

Blocking the light that gives us reason to shine

and in our shaking hands is the blind that allows that curtain to rise.


But we have to decide.

Because the people of this world, they have sensitive eyes 

Eyes that can't see beauty for what it is

so we hide behind a mask and just hope to fit in.

 Because living just to please others is no way to live.


So we give up who we are.

But deep down inside there's a flame in our hearts.

It's what keeps us going when people rip us apart

When they bring us down to the ground and there's no way around it.


We are never fully ourselves

There are versions of us that we store away on their shelves.

We use a new us for every situation

the people we're with, our mood, and location.

But these different versions of oneself they don't ever meet

For them to combine, seems like an impossible feat.

Because hiding who we are becomes a part of our lives

just another thing that we do to survive.


But I dream of a world where our curtains could rise

Where the masks that we wear would meet their demise.

And that flame in our hearts would increase in size and we'd let our lights shine

with no fear of judgemental eyes.

Because in this world, all light is beautiful

and there is no reason to hide.





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